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This is an audio recording guide.


  • Find a word without and audio file, let's use rhonchus. Make sure you have Audacity and a microphone ready to use.
  • Open Audacity and say the word 1-3 times naturally.
  • Listen to the audio and select the best version.
  • Highlight and delete the remaining audio.
  • Select "File" > "Export as Ogg Vorbis."
  • Save the file as "En-country-<word>.ogg" For the country as the two letter code such as us, uk, ca, etc. In the case of rhonchus, En-us-rhonchus.ogg. Make sure you follow the capitalization of the example for the sake of the Word of the Day template.


|Description=Recording of "<word>" in <accent>. {{audacity}}
|Source= Own work
|Date=<date in the YYYY-MM-DD>
|Author= ~~~
|Permission= See below
  • Select a license.
  • Click "Upload file."

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