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Named after the small settlement of Min Min, located between the outback towns of Boulia and Winton, where the light was observed by a stockman in 1918.


Min Min lights pl (plural only)

  1. (Australia) Unexplained lights reportedly appearing in the sky near Boulia, western Queensland, Australia, for over 100 years, possibly caused by reflections of distant light in the dry air conditions.
    • 2003, New Scientist, Volume 180, Issues 2415-2428, page 71,
      Min-min lights are usually seen during the winter, for example, when cold-air inversions abound. This, and his artificial min-min, seemed to confirm the theory.
    • 2006, Marion Houldsworth, From Gulf to God Knows Where, footnote, page 127,
      Neuroscientist, Professor Jack Pettigrew, of the University of Queensland claims the Min Min lights are an inverted mirage of light sources hundreds of miles away, caused by a temperature inversion when cold dense air is trapped near the ground to be refracted so that it travels a curved path around the globe.
    • 2010, Robyn Grady, Bargaining For Baby, unnumbered page,
      “You′ve heard of Min Min lights?” She grinned. “Sure.”
      The strange appearance of those lights in the outback was legendary. []
      Min Min lights were part of Aboriginal folklore long before modern day sightings made them famous,” Jack said.
    • 2010, Craig Lewis, Cathy Savage, The Complete 4WD Guide, unnumbered page,
      Travellers camping out on the plains may witness a glowing light that seems to hover eerily across the vast landscape – the unexplained Min Min Lights that have been shrouded in mystery for over 100 years.

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