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Etymology 1[edit]

From चित् (cít, thought, intellect, spirit, soul) or चिति (cití, understanding; the thinking mind).


चैत्य (caityam

  1. the individual soul (BhP. III, 26; 28, 28; 31, 19; Sarvad. II, 198f.)

Etymology 2[edit]


चैत्य (caityam

  1. (also n) a funeral monument or स्तूप​ (stūpa) or pyramidal column containing the ashes of deceased persons, sacred tree (especially a religious fig-tree) growing on a mound, hall or temple or place of worship (especially in Buddhism and Jainism and generally containing a monument), a sanctuary near a village (ĀśvGṛ. I, 12, Parāś., MBh. etc.)
  2. a Jain or Buddhist image (L.)
  3. = च्ऐत्यक​ (caityaka)


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