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From the drug's trade name Dolophine (itself from Latin dolor, pain), by confusion with the name of Adolf Hitler. (The drug was developed in Nazi Germany.)


Adolophine (uncountable)

  1. Apocryphal former name for the drug methadone.
    • 2003, Gillian Tober, John Strang, Methadone Matters
      Although it has been widely asserted that one of the first trade names given to methadone - Dolophine - was a derivation of Adolf (and even that it was called Adolophine in Germany - the A being dropped after the war),...
    • 2009, Andrew Morton, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography
      ...that psychiatry was a "Nazi science" and that methadone, a drug used to fight heroin addiction, was originally called Adolophine after Adolf Hitler?