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From Hindi आयुर्वॆद.



Ayurveda (uncountable)

  1. Traditional Hindu alternative medicine, involving balancing three bodily humours of wind, bile, and phlegm.
    • 1788, Asiatic Society of Bengal, “XVIII”, in Asiatic researches or transactions of the Society instituted in Bengal, for inquiring into the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences, and literature, of Asia[1], volume 1, Calcutta, India: Manuel Cantopher, page 340:
      From these are deduced the four Upavédas, namely, Ayush, Gándharva, Dhanush, and St'hápatya; the first of which, or Ayurvéda, was delivered to mankind by Brahma', Indra, Dhanwantari, and five other Deities ; and comprizes the theory of Disorders and Medicines, with the practical methods of curing Diseases.

Derived terms[edit]