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Kubrick +‎ -ology


Kubrickology (uncountable)

  1. the study of the works of Stanley Kubrick

Derived terms[edit]


  • 2012, Angela Watercutter, “Room 237 Explores Hidden Meanings in The Shining”, Wired:
    Room 237, which got a boost in funding from Kickstarter and its name from the iconic mysterious room in Kubrick’s film, brings together five separate theorists to form an impressive body of work of Kubrickology[...] (link)
  • 1996, Quentin Curtis, “Enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an anorak Genius or madman?”, The Daily Telegraph:
    The Invisible Man, which includes rare footage of Kubrick directing—from his daughter Vivian's The Making of The Shining—and imports a new irreverence, not to say hostility, into Kubrickology. (link)