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Alternative forms[edit]


Obama phone (plural Obama phones)

  1. A cellphone provided as part of the United States Lifeline Program, which a common belief holds to be given for free with unlimited minutes to members of minority groups by the Obama administration.
    • 29 September 2012, [Tor] Sir Gregory Hall, Esq. (username), “Emmett's "Obama phone"”, in alt.usenet.kooks on Usenet:
      Here's Emmett's mother touting the virtues of her "Obama phone" (link)
    • 2013, Steve De France, Because I Can’t Whistle, Xlibris, page 102:
      Outside / brown & broken teeth / gasp out brainless twaddle. / into their Obama phones.
    • 2014, Darlene Pollock, Logan Pollock, Invasive Species, Part I, Trafford Publishing, page 31:
      [] . Get yourself one of those Obama phones, Romeo,”