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In my 64 years (half in Chicago, half in New Zealand) I've never heard the work "hoik" (hoick) used in either meaning presented here. I have, however, heard it used innumerable times to mean, 1)"to gather sputum for expectoration from the upper airway (nose/throat) through the use of semi-violent (usually noisy) alternate intake/expulsion of air"; 2) " the sound made by meaning #1" .

I'd always assumed that the word was onomatopoetic.

(I've seen (under "spitting") the spelling, "hawking", but I've always heard this word pronounced with an "oy" diphthong.)


I must say I've never come across usage (3).

Usages (1) & (2) are, however, fairly common in the UK, I would say.

There is, incidentally, a delicious example of usage(2)to be found at [1]


Yes, I agree with the first guy. To me, "hoik" can be a verb ("to spit") or a noun ("spittle"). I'm a Kiwi too, so I'll add it to the page next with the note that it is NZ English. The other meanings I have never heard.
I'm an Aussie but I'm often travelling or hanging out with people from many countries. I only know "hoik" in the sense to bring up sputum ready to spit, but I'm not sure if it's used in Australia or I got it from TV or overseas. I don't know any of the other senses in the Wiktionary entry. — hippietrail (talk) 15:28, 16 November 2013 (UTC)