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In my 64 years (half in Chicago, half in New Zealand) I've never heard the work "hoik" (hoick) used in either meaning presented here. I have, however, heard it used innumerable times to mean, 1)"to gather sputum for expectoration from the upper airway (nose/throat) through the use of semi-violent (usually noisy) alternate intake/expulsion of air"; 2) " the sound made by meaning #1" .

I'd always assumed that the word was onomatopoetic.

(I've seen (under "spitting") the spelling, "hawking", but I've always heard this word pronounced with an "oy" diphthong.)


I must say I've never come across usage (3).

Usages (1) & (2) are, however, fairly common in the UK, I would say.

There is, incidentally, a delicious example of usage(2)to be found at [1]


Yes, I agree with the first guy. To me, "hoik" can be a verb ("to spit") or a noun ("spittle"). I'm a Kiwi too, so I'll add it to the page next with the note that it is NZ English. The other meanings I have never heard.
I'm an Aussie but I'm often travelling or hanging out with people from many countries. I only know "hoik" in the sense to bring up sputum ready to spit, but I'm not sure if it's used in Australia or I got it from TV or overseas. I don't know any of the other senses in the Wiktionary entry. — hippietrail (talk) 15:28, 16 November 2013 (UTC)


I am an Australian and the word Hoik was used commonly in my home to mean, to throw something or throw something out. i.e.: "I'm going to hoik this chair in the garbage" or "I'm going to hoik this at you if you don't shut up" I am from NSW and VIC so it may have another meaning in other states. We always used the term "Hock" to mean spitting. To "Hock back" is to gather spit in your mouth. —This unsigned comment was added by (talk).