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Some of my dictionaries, grammars, and language books.

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I’m an Aussie who has lived in most states of Australia. I’ve worked in the printing industry, as a software engineer, and in tourism. I do a lot of travelling, usually for long periods of time. I'm currently on a trip hitchhiking through Southeast Asia, China, and Mongolia.

My first (logged-in) edit on Wiktionary was on 10 December 2003 where I added translations to the English definite article, the. Prior to that I had just started playing with Wikipedia after a few years on Everything2. I was very excited to find Wiktionary since I’d been thinking for years that the world needed a free dictionary of every language that could be contributed to by anybody and everybody over the Internet. I discussed the idea with some people at the GUADEC, the GNOME Users and Developers European Conference. At that time I was an active contributor to AbiWord, an open source word processor.

My long term dream for Wiktionary is to make it queryable like a database. This requires much work on standardisation of formats and on parsing.

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  1. Find all terms which now have an entry:
    s/^<dd><a href="\/wi.*itle=".*>\(.*\)<\/a>.*<\/dd>/XXX\1/
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    s/^<dd><a href="\/w\/.*itle=".*>\(.*\)<\/a>.*<\/dd>/XXX\1/
  3. Now remove all other terms: