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History of the Tau Chapter of Psi Upsilon - Page 112 William Page Harbeson - 1942 Don Torrey gives the picture originally of a shaggy-headed footballish fellow making a slave of the old piano.

To Hell in a Handbasket - Page 127 Harry Allen Smith - 1962 He was a big handsome footballish guy who quoted love poems by Kipling and these poems were not at all like other poems, such as Hiawatha and The Cremation of Sam McGee and Casey at the Bat and Little Orphant Annie.

    • 2000, R.F. Dietrich, The Final Solution: A Novel for the End of Days, page 29:
      Debating the point was the fraternity's chief sadist, the aforementioned “Kluman the Obnoxious,” Kluman of the bulging malevolent black eyes, swarthy scowl, dark bass voice, and footballish build and disposition.

Words to consider[edit]


5:2 diet -azzi air punch anti-vax astrologamage Bank of Mum and Dad bedroom tax binge-watch cord cutting Deep Web e-cig fast follower flex-cuff gray literature hate-watch hot mic metatopic mud run octocopter Paleo diet polytetrafluorethylene pukefest salad fork second screen sentiment analysis side-eye soup spoon subtweet WDYT yellow ribbon

contraforte dadihu diyingehu diyinruan hyperbass subcontrabass tubax

    • 2002, Peter Francis Browne, Short walks in Shangri-La, p. 102:
      Its only disadvantage is footstink, but imagining a bowl of shredded Parmesan on the table neutralises any inclination to throw up.

character state A changeable attribute of a character; the state that a character is in. The most basic character state is either absent or present. crown clade A clade whose definition is restricted to the most recent common ancestor of all living members of the clade and all its descendants. derived characteristic An evolutionarily advanced character state (synonym of apomorph) directional selection An incidence of natural selection where species survive by evolving new characters or modifying old characters. disruptive selection Natural selection where subpopulations of a single species within the same habitat exhibit different adaptations. exclusive anchor taxon An anchor taxon not included in the taxon being defined. inclusive anchor taxon An anchor taxon included in the taxon being defined.


spider senses/spidey senses[edit]

spider sense Spider sense Spider Sense spider-sense Spider-sense Spider-Sense spider senses Spider senses Spider Senses spider-senses Spider-senses Spider-Senses

First the Dead: A Bug Man Novel - Page 123 Tim Downs - 2008 So we're smuggling bodies at night because your spider-sense is tingling?