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Main page: User:Pengo/Latin

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Please help create Wiktionary entries for these Latin and Translingual words (taxonomic epithets)

Current list[edit]

2011 lists[edit]

2011 Catalogue of Life:


  • Most wanted — various short lists of epithets and related terms that ought to be added to Wiktionary.
  • Most Common Epithets 1 — Which epithet is the most commonly found in scientific names? Which Latin epithet is found in over 2000 binominal species' names? This list gives the top 6000 most common species epithets, ranked by how many binomial names they're found in. (see also: Most Common Epithets contents page; Original Top 1000 list)
  • Most threatened — Which epithets belong to the largest number of threatened species? Unfilled entries only.

By Suffix:

By Prefix:

  • Most common first four letters: nigr-, long-, flav- (May add more later. Please request others if these are helpful)

More info:

  • Motivation — Why I made these lists. Also other details, what highlights mean, notes, sources, to do list.

2006 lists[edit]

2006 Red List species only (all categories):



  • CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names [SLV]
  • CRC World Dictionary of Grasses
  • The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals / Reptiles / Amphibians
  • Stemmata Latinitatis; or, An etymological Latin dictionary google scan
  • The Scientific Nomenclature of Birds in the Upper Midwest. 2014, James Sandrock

Popularity lists[edit]

alexz / Mr.Z-man

More: Birds - Amphibians and Reptiles - Arthropods - Biology - Cats - Dogs - Dinosaurs - Equine - Fishes - Fungi - Gastropods - Microbiology - Molecular and Cellular Biology - Palaeontology - Primates

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I am Pengo on en.wikipedia.