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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-08-20 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-20).

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  1. crocosmias
    • 2009 August 20, Toronto Star[1]:
      How incredible crocosmias can be.
  2. kiawe
  3. kona *
    • 2009 August 20, Kelly Toughill, “Honolulu zone is a shopping mall and amusement park all in one”, Toronto Star:
      One afternoon, I strolled through Tiffany's, Cartier and Prada, then bought board shorts, sun glasses and cut-rate kona coffee – the only real essentials here – for less than $20 at one of the ABC convenience stores that are everywhere.
  4. kumite
  5. litigations
    • 2009 August 20, Nicholas Keung, “Judges' ages threaten court cases”, Toronto Star:
      This latest turn of events not only affects immigration and refugee cases but all federal court matters such as trademark litigations and lawsuits against the federal governments, said Mamann, adding that this precedent could open the door for counsel to challenge the authority of any judge past the statutory retirement age in upcoming hearings or previous decisions.
  6. meningioma
    • 2009 August 20, Joseph Hall, Toronto Star[2]:
      Ellen Wright, 48, was operated on for five hours Tuesday to remove a benign meningioma tumour from the left side of her brain, after Clarke practised on her case.
  7. noni *
    • 2009 August 20, DocsTheYou, “Are antioxidants worth the cash?”, Toronto Star:
      Q I'm wondering if the claims you hear about the so-called miracle antioxidants – including goji, açai and noni – are true.
  8. oilsands
  9. payloader


  1. underhandly
    • 2009 August 20, Paul Hunter, “Balsillie fights back, says NHL accepts `criminals' as owners”, Toronto Star:
      The ever-combative Jim Balsillie obviously wasn't just going to sit back and accept being portrayed by the NHL as a malevolent force, scheming to underhandly wrest the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes away from the city of Glendale.