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eo-1 Ĉi tiu uzanto povas komuniki per baza nivelo de Esperanto.
he-1 משתמש זה מסוגל לתרום ברמה בסיסית של עברית.
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Scripts in progress:

To do:

  • Etymology editor. Should have basic functions, and add to the descendants/derived terms sections of other pages.
  • Inflection line editor, somehow...

This is my userpage. I don't really have much stuff to put in it.

Here's my user page on Wikipedia, which contains a bunch of userboxes and what appears to be a deformed penguin. Dunno why anyone would want to go look at a mutant penguin, but this page really wouldn't be complete without that link.

I am an administrator now, which means that I now have a whole lot of new buttons that I figure if I press any of them, my screen will be covered in bright red size-120 letters spelling "BOOM", huge amounts of content will be deleted, irreparable damage will be done to the servers, any users on Wiktionary will receive fatal electric shocks through their computers, and a global nuclear catastrophe will be started and all I'll be able to say will be "oops".

I founded the Supreme Cabal of Wiktionary Users Who are Out to Get You, who's membership now includes Jimbo Wales, the Last Person You Had an Argument With, WF and assorted socks, the Serbo-Croatian cabal, Know-It-All, Willy on Wheels, anyone who you happen to find annoying at the moment, 30% of the penguin cabal, and this guy. Ahem... You didn't see anything... TINC

I think that Wiktionarians are far too quick to block users, and that Wiktionary probably has lost quite a few potential editors because of this.

I also think that anyone who actually decided to read this user page must have way too much time on their hands.

Things I might bring up in the BP at some point:

  • Must have main page for Wikisaurus!
  • We really have to do something about the "table of contents" on every page. It looks ridiculous.
  • Changing the Wikisaurus logo to logo #27 from the logo vote (assuming logo #27 doesn't make it to the 2nd round, and that the Wikisaurus logo is only used on en.wt, which I think is correct based on the global file usage lists on the commons page). I'm pretty sure that the current WS logo was originally supposed to be temporary.
  • Starting a "suggested bots/JS/templates" for discussing possible bots/JS/templates if anyone wants to make them. - Hm, I think I should bring this one up again...
  • Starting a page for "unresolved CFI and ELE issues", so we can actually figure out what still needs to be done.
  • Logo vote second round begun ... blah blah ... second round finished, we gotta start a vote here ... blah blah ... we need to implement the new logo .. blah blah blah ...
  • Possibility of having a slightly expanded userbox policy.
  • When are we going to start the new main page? - This definitely needs to be discussed again.
  • (maybe eventually) Discuss Dan Polansky's "Ramble bar" idea. Might work.
  • WT become equivalent to Wiktionary (again)
  • Status of emoticons (meets CFI or not?)
  • Given name/surname policy
  • I think {{head}} should replace '''PAGENAME'''. Why? Dunno, it just seems right.
  • I'm also considering suggesting that infl replace everything, redirecting to the appropriate templates depending on the situation, but that's less likely.
    • Bad idea.
  • Bring up portal pages again! (Yeah, I opposed it last time around, but that was probably a mistake.)
  • Appendix policy
  • Doing something about the various exemptions that will eventually need to be added to CFI.
  • Language X month!
  • Long rant about incivilty/blocking problems.
  • Edit buttons No longer applicable.
  • Uncountable/countable categories
  • "In other areas of Wiktionary"
  • Simplified WS format or something.
  • Phrasebook policy (I'm thinking long community-constructed English phrase lists and limiting it to that without further community decisions to add any others...)
  • Automatic conlang pronunciation
  • Protologism CFI (3 mentions/1 use, no time-coverage limit, /more WS pages link to LOP entry)
  • LiquidThreads (we should volunteer for testing it here)
  • Policy policy (no, seriously)
  • Portal type pages for everything!
  • Oversighters
  • WT:RFM (Requests for moves/merges/splits/other stuff, miscellaneous requests, something like that.)
  • Stuff that has no use for the definition line (phrasebook, toponyms, given names, surnames, some proper nouns...)
  • Advertise active votes through watchlist notices?
  • Place name policy
  • Pronunciation section formatting
  • What to do with entries having multiple inflection lines for one pos
  • Turning on lots of cool stuff by default
  • Categorization
  • There has got to be a way to do something about how wt looks on Google searches...
  • Audio management
  • Sister project links
  • Etymology under POS
  • Image placement and policy
  • Merging the POS header and the inflection line.
  • We need some kind of javascript tool for easy audio recording. The getUserMedia API would probably work once support is good enough. This will require a change in our upload policy, and we'll probably need a bot to routinely move everything to Commons...
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