baruch HaShem

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Hebrew ברוך השם


baruch HaShem

  1. Thank God, (lit. Blessed be the name [of the Lord])
    • 1993 January 16, D. C. Sessions, "Re: Potheads of the 70's Raising Kids", in, Usenet:
      Which is why we drill in that they NEVER take even their asthma meds without parental supervision. Baruch HaShem, they've got it.
    • 2003 February 16, "ChabadRainbow" (username), "Key To World Peace - 7 Noachide Universal Laws", in alt.gathering.rainbow, Usenet:
      Baruch HaShem and Shalom (Peace) to you and yours.
    • 2004 August 14, Gloria Lenon, "Re: Diabetes and FM", in, Usenet:
      And baruch HaShem! we were untouched by the storm.