dump one's load

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dump one's load (third-person singular simple present dumps one's load, present participle dumping one's load, simple past and past participle dumped one's load)

  1. (idiomatic, vulgar or slang) To ejaculate, cum, inseminate, or defecate
    • 1997, Penthouse International, Letters to Penthouse VII: Celebrate the Rites of Passion, link
      Suddenly she plunged her tongue deep inside my asshole. I immediately began dumping my load into Todd's warm, tight bunghole.
    • 2003, Penthouse Magazine, Letters to Penthouse XIX, link
      I spread her legs and shoved my cock in her tight young pussy. I gave her a good fuck and dumped my load deep inside her.
    • 2010, John Patrick, Smooth and Sassy, page 30
      On my second visit I even got to feel a locker key bouncing off my nuts as I dumped my load down the throat of a young man