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egyptologist (plural egyptologists)

  1. Alternative spelling of Egyptologist
    • 1899 Dec 23, “Review 6”, New York Times:
      The famous egyptologist, Prof. G. Maspero, is now having the third work of his Egyptian trilogy translated from the French by M. L. McClure
    • 1988 May 9, “ASK THE GLOBE”, Boston Globe:
      A. Rita Freed, an egyptologist at Memphis State University in Tennessee and the person who put the extra "es" in Ramesses for the Boston exhibition,
    • 1995 Nov 5, “PHARONIC TOMB OPEN”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
      .. beautiful in the ancient burial ground of the Valley of the Queens and has been closed since its discovery by Italian egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparelli.
    • 1998 Jan 3, “On this day”, CNN International:
      In 1924, Howard Carter, British egyptologist, found the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor.
    • 2003 Jun 11, “Nefertiti's mummy 'found in Egypt'”, BBC News:
      The egyptologists believe that she is one of three mummies discovered in a secret chamber of a tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings in Luxor.
    • 2005 Sep 3, “Tutankhamen murder mystery solved”, ABC Online:
      According to Italian egyptologist Professor Sergio Donadoni the theories that have long surrounded Tutankhamen's death have always been produced by "picturesque legends without any scientific basis".
    • 2006 Jun 28, “No mummy in Valley of the Kings tomb but mystery remains whole”, Agence France Press:
      The first tomb discovered in Luxor's Valley of the Kings did not reveal its expected mummy, but egyptologists remained bent on cracking the mystery of "KV 63."
    • 2007 Aug 2, “Stem cells on the ISS”,
      Biomedical egyptologist Jacky Finch of the University of Manchester, UK, who is studying ancient Egyptian big toes, made of wood and leather
    • 2009 Mar 26, “Gates of heaven”, Al-Ahram Weekly:
      According to egyptologist Christiane Zivie-Coche writing in the exhibition catalogue, the aim of Les Portes du ciel is to provide visitors with ....

Usage notes[edit]

This word is generally capitalized.