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  1. Present participle of havoc.
    • 1922, Carpenter, volume 42, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, page 19: 
      [] [A]n unrelenting U-Boat warfarewas havocing the coasts, the hope and prayer of a stricket world was America, the Yankees.
    • 1991, Justin Wintle, chapter 1989, Romancing Vietnam: Inside the Boat Country[1], edition Second edition, Signal Books, ISBN 9781904955153, published 2006, Thursday 9th November: Vinh-Dong Ha (Quang Tri Province), page 203:
      If I don’t sleep well again it’s not only because there are more drunken can bo' at one or two in the morning, havocing a fair disturbance outside my room. It’s because my head’s too full.
    • 1993, Bill Myers, My Life As A Smashed Burrito With Extra Hot Sauce[2], Thomas Nelson, ISBN 9780849934025, page 64:
      Who knows what humongous havoc he’s havocing while our hero’s hidden away.

Usage notes[edit]