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Blend of homosexual and holocaust, coined as a neologism in 1986.


homocaust (uncountable)

  1. Mass murder or mass homicide motivated by homophobia, especially in Nazi Germany, but also extended to other instances of homophobic violence.
    • For the sake of convenience, I suggest that henceforward we all refer to the alleged Nazi extermination of homosexuals as "the Homocaust." (The Journal of historical review, Volume 6, Issue 4, Institute for Historical Review, 1986)
    • to speak of a "final solution" or a "homocaust" for homosexuals is an absurdity that denigrates the homosexual cause. (Florence Tamagne, A history of homosexuality in Europe: Berlin, London, Paris, 1919-1939, Algora Publishing, 2006, ISBN 9780875863559, p. 397)