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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English martren, martryn, from Anglo-Norman martrine (marten fur), from Old Dutch *marþrin (of marten fur) (compare Middle Dutch martren), from *marþra (marten) (compare Dutch marter), from Proto-Germanic *marþuz (compare Low German Mort, West Frisian murd (polecat), Old English mearþ (shrew)), originally 'wedding' (compare Crimean Gothic marzus (wedding)), from Proto-Indo-European *martus (bride). More at marry. For sense development, compare Italian donnola (weasel), from donna (lady), Greek nyfítsa 'weasel', from nymfē 'bride'.


marten (plural martens)

  1. Any carnivorous mammal of the genus Martes in the family Mustelidae.
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Etymology 2[edit]


marten (plural martens)

  1. Archaic form of martin (the bird)
    • 1829, Magazine of Natural History (volume 1, page 402)
      Towards the end of the month, swallows and house martens congregate, and are often seen resting on the ridges or sloping roofs of buildings.