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Blend of polytheism and deism.


  • IPA(key): /pɒliˈdeɪˈĭzˈəm/

Alternative forms[edit]

  • may be hyphenated or expressed as a phrase: poly-deism, poly deism
  • either the P or both the P and D may be capitalized: Polydeism, PolyDeism
  • variations of capitalization and spacing may be combined: Poly-deism, Poly-Deism, Poly Deism, Poly deism


polydeism (plural polydeisms)

  1. Belief in the existence of many gods who collectively set the universe in motion, then ceased to interact with it.
  2. (rare): polytheism
    Almost all women-led religions relate to many spirits, gods, or ancestors—even in cultural contexts in which the mainstream religion is monotheistic... Two women- led religions, the Shakers and Christian Science, do not fit this polydeistic pattern. Susan Sered, Women of the Sacred Groves: Divine Priestesses of Okinawa (1999) p. 62.

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