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Alternative forms[edit]


pooftah (plural pooftahs)

  1. (pejorative, slang) A male homosexual.
    • 1989, Hilary Prendini Toffoli, Gus Silber, Who′s Really Who in South Africa, page 168,
      A backslapping, beerswilling Jack-the-Lad who wears chunky gold jewellery and cracks crude gags about “bearded oysters” and pooftahs. That′s Tony Sanderson′s perception of the public′s perception of Tony Sanderson, and he is not far wrong. But it does upset him a little, [] .
    • 1995, Kay Mitchell, A Portion for Foxes, Hodder & Stoughton, UK, reprinted 1997, page 85,
      Awkwardly, overbalancing, Len stripped. ‘Sex?’ he said. ‘Sex you want? Not a pooftah, you know. Not a pooftah. No disri...no disri... No offence.’
    • 2001, Lindsay Charman-Love, Been There, Done That, Top Hat and Taiaha, and Other Stories, Huia Publishers, New Zealand, page 6,
      Screaming like a banshee he turned on his heels and fled.
      ‘Gutless bastard,’ one of them yelled. ‘You fucking girl!’
      ‘Yeah, ya pooftah,’ his mate yelled. ‘Fuckin′ chicken pooftah!’
    • 2004, Quentin van Marle, Boomerang Road: A Pedalling Pom′s Australian Odyssey, page 83,
      My gargage man is utterly dismissive. “This is Rugby League territory, mate. Aussie Rules is a down-south thing, Victoria mainly. A game for wimps and pooftahs. We call it Aerial Ping Pong up here”.

Related terms[edit]