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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French cendal.


sendal (plural sendals)

  1. (historical) A light silk cloth.
    • 1485, Thomas Malory, Le Morte Darthur, Book XIII:
      he was in a cote of rede sendell, and bare a mantell uppon hys sholder that was furred with ermyne, and put that uppon hym.
    • 1600, Edward Fairfax, The Jerusalem Delivered of Tasso, Book VIII, lv:
      And how in sendal wrapt away he bore
      That head with him hung at his saddle-bow.
    • 1885, Richard Burton, The book of the thousand nights and a night, Vol. 5:
      We've crowned our meeting with a close embrace / On quilts where new brocades with sendal blend [...].