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signaletic (comparative more signaletic, superlative most signaletic)

  1. (criminology, historical) Related to or involving the Bertillon system of anthropometry.
    • 1996, Louis A. Knafla, Criminal Justice History: An International Annual:
      The wording of the legislation was somewhat open-ended in that it authorized not only the Bertillon signaletic system, but also "any measurements, processes or operations sanctioned by the Governor in Council having the like object in view."
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    • 1997, D. N. Rodowick, Gilles Deleuze's Time Machine:
      If the foundation of this semiotic is the forming of movement-images as a signaletic material, what is the logic of this forming?
    • 2010, Deborah Hauptmann, Cognitive Architecture: From Bio-politics to Noo-politics:
      The production of electricity, a silent and 'invisible' production of asignifying signaletic events, cannot be accounted for in these terms.