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Corruption of God′s truth. Compare zounds, blimey.

Alternative forms[edit]




  1. (UK, Australia, New Zealand) A mild oath expressing surprise or generally adding emphasis.
    Strewth! I guess I′ve been too trigger happy!
    • 1957, Greta X (Angela Pearson), The Whipping-Post, page 109,
      Strewth! Here she is,” said the salesman.
    • 1971 July 1, Michael O′Donnell, Take to the hills, New Scientist, page 41,
      Strewth,” he whistled. “I reckon that′s a complicated fracture of the right tibia.”
    • 2007, Marilys Edwards, Keep The Home Fires Burning, AuthorHouse, page 187,
      He smiles and is going to say something encouraging. Strewth! Why doesn′t he duck? His head′s above the parapet. He′s in the line of fire. Silly BUGGER! “CRACK!”

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