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From vegetarian +‎ -o (diminutive suffix).


veggo (plural veggos or veggoes)

  1. (Australia, slang) A vegetarian.
    • 1996, Westerly, Westerly, University of Western Australia Press, page 97,
      One girl we had, she was a veggo or vegan or something.
    • 1996 23 March, ET, “We are not all dole bludger thank you ACA”,, Usenet:
      If you're a veggo, serving meat and being financially dependant on serving it is being complicit in the meat industry.
    • 2002 31 March, slaveangel , “White Lotus”, aus.culture.gothic, Usenet:
      I actually hate the taste of meat, so if something tasted like meat it would be disturbing (ie that not bacon/bacon bits crap my last flatmate who was a veggo, loved it, I on the other hand hated it cos it does taste like bacon) the sausages and nut meat etc .. dont taste like meat.
    • 2002 6 June, Mr Q. Z. Diablo, “You want beef with that?”, aus.culture.gothic, Usenet:
      Not to mention the animal products in commercially brewed bee-ar.  I can't recall what they are but the[y] certainly bugger vegans and may well be problematic for veggoes, too.



veggo (not comparable)

  1. (Australia, slang) Vegetarian; suitable for vegetarians.
    • 2002 31 March, slaveangel, “White Lotus”, aus.culture.gothic, Usenet:
      I used to sort of think that , but I love veggo sausages and its not because i wish i was eating meat its because they dont taste like meat yet they are a convenient snack/ fast food for me when i cannot be bothered cooking.
    • 2002 4 September, Trayce, “[melb] White Lotus - Wednesday”, aus.culture.gothic, Usenet:
      I'm not much of a fan of all out veggo food in any case...





  1. first-person singular present indicative of vedere
  2. first-person singular present indicative of vedersi