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zadyma f

  1. A popular, widespread Polish slang name for any kind of street brawl. It is a very broad term and among others includes clashes between soccer hooligans, fights between police and various protesters such as anarchists; but also (for example): coal miners fighting for their union privileges. Nowadays the word zadyma is quite often used in mass media and has become part of the standard Polish language.
    • News title: "Związkowa zadyma w Alejach Ujazdowskich" (Unionists riot in Ujazdowskie Avenue) in the Super Express magazine, Poland.[1]



  1. ^ Marcin Smulczyński, "Związkowa zadyma w Alejach Ujazdowskich" (Unionist street-riot in Ujazdowskie Avenue), Warsaw, Super Express Multimedia, 2009-12-16