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Direct translation of the German Elchtest, which denotes a test which for long has been used by Swedish motor journalist as a measure of stability of a car during evasive maneuvers in relatively high speed, for example to avoid colliding with elks (mooses) crossing the road. The term was created in 1997 — after a Mercedes-Benz overturned during the test at a mere 60 km/h (less than 40 mph) — as a mockery implying that one extremely seldom or never needed to perform such maneuvers in the speeds used in the test, except in "exotic" countries such as Sweden, where elks actually sometimes get onto the roads.

The original name, used for decades, of the test had been undanmanöverprov, but the new has more or less replaced it.


älgtest n

  1. moose test; a test of the maximal speed a car can manage to steer free from an obstacle, such as a child or a large animal, which suddenly appears in front of the car, without the car skidding or otherwise goes out of control. See also Moose test on Wikipedia
  2. (dated) a test which takes a product into a very harsh situation, which was not predicted by the constructors, and which turns out to identify one or more severe problems with the product.


Declension of älgtest 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative älgtest älgtestet älgtest älgtesten
Genitive älgtests älgtestets älgtests älgtestens


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