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æmulate +‎ -ing



  1. present participle of æmulate
    • 1876, John Gérard, quoted by Benjamin Daydon Jackson, in A Catalogue of Plants Cultivated in the Garden of John Gerard, in the Years 1596–1599, Pewtress and Co.; Preface, page XII:
      [] Whereby that noble science of physicke is made absolute as having recovered ye facultie of Simpling a principall and materiall part thereof, wherefore not doubting of your readines in imitating or æmulating the best in so laudable actions I thought yt good to moove you herin & to commend this bearer Ihon Gerard a servant of mine vnto you : who by reason of his travaile into farre countries, his great practise & long experience is throughly acquainted with the generall & speciall differences, names, properties & privie markes of thousands of plants & trees.