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From Sicilian giurnata, jurnata.



ġurnata f (plural ġranet)

  1. day (period when a person is awake and experiences things)
  2. day (measure of time: 24 hours)
  3. day (time between dawn and nightfall)

Usage notes[edit]

  • In senses 1 and 2, ġurnata is used alongside jum. The latter is commoner as a mere measure of time (sense 2), while ġurnata is commoner in sense 1, i.e. when the day is somehow described in terms of its events, weather, etc.
  • In sense 3, ġurnata is used alongside nhar. The latter is overall less common, but it is preferred in juxtaposition with lejl (nighttime), i.e. when this word is also mentioned in the sentence.
  • Ġurnata is not used with days of the week. So Ħadd (Sunday) may be called nhar ta' Ħadd or jum ta' Ħadd, but not commonly *ġurnata ta' Ħadd.