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Alternative forms[edit]


From Polish Mińsk or Ukrainian Мінськ (Minsʹk), from Old East Slavic Мѣньскъ (Měnĭskŭ).


Proper noun[edit]

Мінск (Minskm inan (genitive Мі́нска, uncountable, related adjective мі́нскі)

  1. Minsk (the capital city of Belarus)
    у/ў Мі́нскуu/ŭ Mínskuin Minsk
    у/ў Мінскu/ŭ Minskto Minsk
    з Мі́нскаz Mínskafrom Minsk


Usage notes[edit]

  • The use of the older/classical form Менск (Mjensk) (Taraškievica) as apposed to standard/common and approved by the government form Мінск (Minsk) can be politically charged.

Related terms[edit]


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