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блегъэкӏын (bleġăč̣̍ən) (transitive)

  1. to force or made or allow or let someone or something to pass
    кӏалэр пшъашъэр блигъэкӏэгъ — The boy is letting the girl to pass.
    кӏалэр ныуэр гъогум блегъэкӏы — The boy is letting the old woman to pass the road. (The boy is helping the old women to pass the road).
    кӏалэр блэсгъэкӏрэпI am not letting the boy to pass.
    кӏалэр блэгъэкӏLet the boy pass.
    блэмгъэкӏмэ уыблагъэкӏтэпIf you won't let him pass, he/they will not let you pass.
  2. to exaggerate
  3. to Pass an opportunity
  4. to pass time