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гъэсэкӏэн (ġăsăč̣̍ăn) (??? please indicate transitivity!)

  1. to obey and do as the command/order. (When in past tense : to accomplish an order)
    кӏалэм егъэсакӏэ къэсӏорэ — The boy is doing what I am saying.
    сымджэгугъыу сиянэ къысиӏуагъэ сгъэсэкӏэн фай — Before I play, I must do what my mother told me.
    тхьэматэм еӏорэ зимгъэсакӏэрэ хьапсым чӏадзэт — A person that doesn't obey as the commands of the captain will be thrown to jail.
    уиенэ еӏорэ угъэсэкӏэн фай — You need to do what your mother tells you.