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мэушӏоин (măwṣ̂oin) (intransitive)

  1. to become dirty
    псыжъым ухахьэмэ уыушъоит — If you go into the mud, you will become dirty.
    лъым джанэ еушӏои — The blood is making the shirt dirty.
    псыжъым укъиушӏоит — The mud will make you dirty.
    псыжъ псым хапкӏэмэ мэушӏоит — If you spill mud on water it will become dirty.
  2. to get deleted
    Фаилэр мэушӏоегъ — The file is deleted.
    Тхыгъэр мэушӏои — The written is getting deleted.

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