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мэхъун (măχ°n) (intransitive)

  1. to happen
    ары мэхъугъэ — That's what happened.
    мэхъугъэр сыд уэшӏа?Do you know what happened?
    сыд мэхъугъэр? — What happened?
    ау укӏомэ дэйы рэхъутэр — If you go there, the thing that will happen will be bad.
    ар махъутэп — That will not happen.
  2. to become, to turn to
    илъэсиплӏыкӏэ лӏыу сыхъут — In ten years I will become a man.
    дахэу ухъурагъуа?Do you want to become pretty.
    гъожьырэ шъухъуантӏэрэ зэхэбхьагъэхэмэ уыушъоу мэхъут — If you mix yellow and blue, I will become green.
    шхъуантӏэрэ гъожьырэ зэхапкӏэмэ уцышъоу мэхъутIf you spill yellow and blue into each other it will turn to green.
  3. to feel itchy
    cэхъуI itch's (I am feeling itchy
    синыбэ мэхъу — my stomach itch's
    умтӏэхъу ащ мэхъуми — Don't scratch that even if it's itchy.

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