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мэхъут (măχ°t) (??? please indicate transitivity!)

  1. permitted, allowed, lawful, permissible
    рэхъута сыдэкӏыу?Can i go out? - Is it permitted for me to go out.
    кӏалэр мащхыу рэхъта?Can the boy eat? - Is the boy permitted to eat?
    кӏалэр мащхыу рэхъут — The boy can eat - The boy is permitted to eat.
    мащинэр чӏыкӏайыу угъачӏэу рэхъута?Is it permitted to run the car fast?
    мащинэр чӏыкӏайыу угъачӏэу рэхъутэпIs it not allowed (forbidden) to run the car fast.
    ар мэхъут, мэр мэхъутэп — That is permitted, this is not permitted (forbidden).