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Ҡурай (sense 2)
Ҡурай (sense 3)


From Middle Mongolian, from Proto-Mongolic *kuxuraï (dry), compare Mongolian хуурай (huuraj, dry). Probably distantly related to ҡоро (qoro, dry).

Cognate with Kazakh қурай (qwray, plants with tall tough stems; musical instrument), Kyrgyz куурай (kuuray, a generic term for plants with tall tough stems), Uyghur قوراي(qoray, a wild plant with hollow stem), etc.


  • IPA(key): [quˈrɑj]
  • Hyphenation: ҡу‧рай


ҡурай (quray)

  1. the umbrella term for wild meadow plants that have tall, tough hollow/tubular or ligneous stems and tend to get dry early in the summer
  2. (botany) Pleurospermum uralense
  3. (music) quray, Bashkir national music instrument, a type of flute originally made from such plant


Derived terms[edit]