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Borrowing from Sanskrit गरुड (garuḍa)


Proper noun[edit]

गरुड (garuḍm (Urdu spelling گرڈ)

  1. Alternative form of गरुड़ (garuṛ)



गरुड (garuḍam

  1. Name of a mythical bird (chief of the feathered race, enemy of the serpent-race, vehicle of विष्णु, son of कश्यप and विनता; shortly after his birth he frightened the gods by his brilliant lustre; they supposed him to be अग्नि, and requested his protection; when they discovered that he was गरुड, they praised him as the highest being, and called him fire and sun).
  2. the charioteer of the sun or the personified dawn, is said to be the elder or younger brother of गरुड; स्वाहा, the wife of अग्नि, takes the shape of a female गरुडी = सुपर्णी.
  3. a building shaped like गरुड.
  4. Name of a peculiar military array.
  5. Name of the attendant of the 16th अर्हत् of the present अवसर्पिणी.
  6. Name of the 14th कल्प period.
  7. Name of a son of कृष्ण.


Masculine a-stem declension of गरुड
Nom. sg. गरुडः (garuḍaḥ)
Gen. sg. गरुडस्य (garuḍasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative गरुडः (garuḍaḥ) गरुडौ (garuḍau) गरुडाः (garuḍāḥ)
Vocative गरुड (garuḍa) गरुडौ (garuḍau) गरुडाः (garuḍāḥ)
Accusative गरुडम् (garuḍam) गरुडौ (garuḍau) गरुडान् (garuḍān)
Instrumental गरुडेन (garuḍena) गरुडाभ्याम् (garuḍābhyām) गरुडैः (garuḍaiḥ)
Dative गरुडाय (garuḍāya) गरुडाभ्याम् (garuḍābhyām) गरुडेभ्यः (garuḍebhyaḥ)
Ablative गरुडात् (garuḍāt) गरुडाभ्याम् (garuḍābhyām) गरुडेभ्यः (garuḍebhyaḥ)
Genitive गरुडस्य (garuḍasya) गरुडयोः (garuḍayoḥ) गरुडानाम् (garuḍānām)
Locative गरुडे (garuḍe) गरुडयोः (garuḍayoḥ) गरुडेषु (garuḍeṣu)


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