1@BackFinger-FingerAcross-1@CenterChesthigh-FingerAcross 1@SideChesthigh-1@SideChesthigh

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American Sign Language[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]

  • The initial contact and movement apart may be repeated multiple times to indicate that the compared items differ in many ways.
  • The movement apart may be small or large to indicate that the compared items differ in a minor or significant way.


Compare 1@RadialFinger-PalmDown-1@CenterChesthigh-PalmDown (β€œsame”).


GUH Hand LUH Hand LUH Move GUH Move GUH Hand LUH Hand
GUH Palm LUH Palm Second Second GUH Palm LUH Palm
GUH Position LUH Separation Third Third
1 1 Oppose GUH Side
ASL 1@BackFinger-FingerAcross-1@CenterChesthigh-FingerAcross.jpg
ASL 1@SideChesthigh-1@SideChesthigh.jpg
Out Out
Touching wrapped
LUH Side


ASL 1@BackFinger-FingerAcross-1@CenterChesthigh-FingerAcross.jpg (ASL gloss: DIFFERENT)

  1. different