Adam Tilers

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Adam Tilers

  1. plural of Adam Tiler
    • 1993, Anthony Burgess, A Dead Man in Deptford, page 175:
      He was his first filthy self of the meeting at Dover that time and seemed much at his ease with whip-jacks, adam-tilers and clapperdogeons.
    • 2007, Ronnie Blackwell, Spite, page 154:
      “Then Sue lifted his passkey as he turned to go back to the office.”
      “Lifted?” I said. “So now you've got the lingo down? Next you'll be telling me about marks, nippers, and Adam Tilers.” The Adam Tiler bit brought a puzzled look from even Sue.
      “Oh, oh, I was the misdirection,” Narlene blurted. “I sort of let my pareo slip off of my shoulder at just the right time.”