Appendix:Australian English motoring terms

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  • ambo - ambulance, ambulance driver
  • bingle - motor vehicle accident
  • bogged - stuck in mud, deep sand (a vehicle)
  • bull bar or roo bar - stout bar fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it against hitting kangaroos
  • Commodore – popular family car designed and built by Holden
  • donk – a combustion engine
  • feral - V8 ute sporting large heavy bullbar, numerous aerials, large truck mudflaps and stickers almost all over the rear window and tailgate. Sometimes seen with a Mack emblem on the bonnet and always with large (multiple) driving lights
  • Falcon – popular family car designed and built by Ford Australia
  • Holden – Australian branch of General Motors. Manufacturers of the Commodore in addition to other models.
  • Magna – family car designed and built by Mitsubishi Motors Australia, until 2004. Replaced by the Mitsubishi 380.
  • occy strap - elastic strap with hooks on the ends for securing items
  • prang - motor vehicle accident
  • rego - vehicle registration
  • road train - big truck with many trailers
  • servo - a petrol station, a service station
  • traficator – blinkers, car indicators
  • wagon – station waggon in US, estate car in UK
  • ute - utility vehicle, pickup truck
  • U-ie or yewy ((General Australian) ˈjʉː.iː), less commonly U-bolt or U-burn – a U-turn; to chuck a u-ie is to make a u-turn

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