Appendix:Australian English terms pertaining to the toilet, excrement, urine or vomit

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Toilet terms[edit]

  • crapper or crappa – a toilet Originating from American Soldiers who visited England who saw manholes near the toilets marked with Thos Crapper and Sons Trademark
  • dunny – a toilet, the appliance or the room – especially one in a separate outside building. This word has the distinction of being the only word for a toilet which is not a euphemism of some kind. It is from the old English dunnykin: a container for dung. However Australians use the term toilet more often than dunny.
  • shit-house – originally a term for a toilet, but now a generic descriptor meaning something that is badly done or made, or bad in general, as in "The Eagles played shithouse last weekend." Rarely, abbreviated to shouse.
  • shitter or shitta - a toilet, a lavatory
  • thunderbox – a toilet
  • trough lolly - the solid piece of perfumed disinfectant in a men's urinal


  • arse piss - Diarrhea
  • Tap Arse - Diarrhea
  • Bondi cigar or brown-eyed mullet - a turd in the sea (where you're swimming),
  • goonah – fæces; an Aboriginal word; used in general English in parts of Australia with a large Aboriginal population, including the Northern Territory (universally used), and in sections in other states
  • skid – "skid mark" a stain in a pair of underpants that bears a resemblance to a rubber skid mark on the road from a car tyre
  • taking a dump – defecating


  • take a leak - urinate
  • point percy at the porcelain - urinating in a modern toilet
  • shake hands with the wife's best friend - urinate
  • splash me boots - urinate
  • take a slash - urinate


  • spew
  • chunder
  • curbside quiche
  • liquid laugh
  • munt - to vomit
  • technicolour yawn
  • yak

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