Appendix:Classical Syriac pronunciation

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See w:Syriac language#Phonology for a detailed explanation.


Letter With qūššāyā With rūkkāḵā Transliteration
ܐ [ʔ] ʾ
ܒ [b] [v] b
ܓ [ɡ] [ɣ] g
ܕ [d] [ð] d
ܗ [h] h
ܘ [w] w
ܙ [z] z
ܚ [ħ]
ܛ [tˤ]
ܝ [j] y
ܟ [k] [x] k
ܠ [l] l
ܡ [m] m
ܢ [n] n
ܣ [s] n
ܥ [ʕ] ʿ
ܦ [p] [f] p
ܨ [sˤ]
ܩ [q] q
ܪ [r] r
ܫ [ʃ] š
ܬ [t] [θ] t


Close Close-mid Open-mid Open
Front /i/ /e/ /ɛ/ /a/
Back /u/ /o/ /ɑ/