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This appendix is incomplete.

There are 127 templates in the Category:Faroese verb inflection-table templates, so there is many verb conjugation types. This is the list for Faroese verb inflection/conjugation types, including irregular verbs.

Regular groups[edit]

  • Infinitives always ends in -a.
  • In weak verbs, there are 4 conjugation classes (not including templates in v-) which distinguished by 2nd and 3rd singular present endings (except in class 4, 2nd singular only):
  1. -ar verbs
  2. -ur verbs
  3. -ir verbs
  4. -rt verbs
Groups (with templates) Description
Weak verbs
Any verbs with past with dental suffix (like -d-, -ð-, -t-, -að-, and others.), including weak verbs with local ablauts.
v-1 Past in -d-.
v-2 Same as type v-1, but past are devoiced to -t-.
v-3 Stem in diphthong or vowel + -ð-, past with doubled consonant (-dd-) and supine in -tt.
v-4 Stem in vowel.
v-5 Infinitive in -da, past changed from *-dd- to -d-.
v-6 Infinitive in consonant + -ða, past in -d-.
Not to be confused with type v-3.
v-7 Stem in two different consonants (-Ct-), past tense and supine elided.
v-8 Stem in double consonants (-CC-), later simplified to -C- in past and supine.
v-9 Same as type v-8, but past are devoiced to -t-.
v-10 Infinitive in -gja, -Cj- (⟨j⟩ pronounced "y") are simplified to -C- when preceding consonants, front vowels and in end of a word.
v-11 Same as type v-10, but past are devoiced to -t-.
v-12 Infinitive in -CCja, -CCj- (C are in ⟨g⟩) are simplified to -CC- (preceding front vowels), later -C- (preceding consonants).
v-13 Same as type v-12, but the -C- are in unvoiced consonants.
v-14 Same as type v-12, with -ei- → -o- ablaut variations.
v-15 Same as type v-14, but past are devoiced to -t-.
v-16 Same as v-11, with -e- → -a- ablaut variations.
v-17 Infinitive in -rja, with -e- → -a- ablaut variations.
v-18 Infinitive in -ja, with stem ending in consonants other than velars (-g- and -k-), with -e- → -a- ablaut variations.
Vekja are sometimes inflected with this type.
v-19 Same as type v-18, with -y- → -u- ablaut variations.
v-20 Same as type v-12, but somewhat distinct from type v-12.
Singular past tense are in -ð-, with -e- → -a- (past participle and supine) → -ø- (plural past tenses) ablaut variations.
v-21 Same as v-18, but without ablauts.
v-23 Same as v-17, with -y- → -u- ablaut variations.
v-24 Same as v-23, but past tense are devoiced to -t-.
v-25 Same as v-1, but past participle, supine and singular imperative are in -aður, -að, and -a, respectively.
v-27 Stem ending in -á-.
v-29 Same as v-2, but past participle, 2nd and 3rd person present and singular imperative are in -að, -ar, and -a, respectively.
v-30 Past in -að-.
More commonly used in entries than type v-1.
v-31 Past with shift from C¹VC² to C¹jVC² (C¹ are ⟨g⟩).
v-32 Stem ending in two different consonants, elided in past from *-C¹C²ð- to -ð-, with -ú- → -ý- ablaut variations in singular present tenses.
v-33 Same as v-32, but with -ó- → -ø- ablaut variations in singular present tenses.
v-34 Infinitive in -ggja, present and past elided to -r and -ð-, respectively.
Strong verbs
Any verbs without dental suffixes, of which only consists of ablauts to distinguish some tenses.
v-35 Class 1 ablaut variation.
v-36 Same as type v-35, but stem in -Cj (-C- are velars), later simplified to -C in supine, past participle, singular present and past tenses.
v-37 Class 2 ablaut variations.
v-38 Same as v-37, but it is applied to verbs in CCjV- → CCV- (-CC- in velars) before -ey- ablauts.
v-39 Same as v-38, but -CC- consists of consonants other than velars.
v-40 Same as v-37, but with -ú- in infinitive and plural present.
v-41 Same as v-40, with infinitive in -va.

Ablaut classes[edit]

Faroese strong verbs exhibits these ablaut classes. Any unlisted ablauts is listed above, usually the past tenses being ablauted.

Ablaut class Infinitive/1sg present 2sg/3sg present Past Plural present Plural past Supine
1 -í- -ei- -í- -i-
2 -ó-/-u- -ý- -ey- -ó- -u- -o-
3 -e-/-i-/-ø- -a- -i- -u- -o-/-u-
4 -e-/-o- -e- -a- -ó- -o-
-o- -e- -o-
5 -i- -á- -i- -ó- -i-
6 -a- -e- -ó- -a- -ó- -a-
7 -á- -æ- -e- -á- -i-

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