Appendix:Glossary of British firefighting

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This is a glossary of British Firefighting personnel.


  • ACO: Assistant Chief Officer - Assistant to the Chief Fire Officer
  • ADO: Assistant Divisional Officer - In charge of a fire station
  • AFA: Automatic Fire Alarm - Automatically sets off when smoke is detected
  • ALP: Aerial Ladder Platform
  • Appliance: Standard Name for a Fire Engine


  • BA: Breathing Apparatus - Face Mask and Oxygen Cylinder, used in smoke filled buildings
  • BA Board: A board which is used to keep track of crew using Breathing Apparatus, and air remaining
  • Bowser: Water Tanker
  • Bulk Foam Tender: A tanker that carries foam


  • CARP: Combined Arial Rescue Pump
  • CFO: Chief Fire Officer - Commander of an entire Brigade
  • Command Unit: Used at large incidents to keep track of appliances attending and planning.
  • Cromwell: Manufacturer of Fire Helmets, Namely Cromwell 500 (Used until the 90's) Cromwell F500 , Cromwell F600


  • Dennis: Manufacturer of Fire Appliances
  • DO: Divisional Officer - Commands a Division, Takes Charge of Medium Size Incidents
  • DPL: Dual Purpose Ladder


  • Epaulettes: Shoulder markings to signify rank
  • ERT: Emergency Rescue Tender
  • EVAC: Walkie-Talkie Radio
  • Extinguisher: Hand-Held Fire Fighting Equipment


  • FRU: Fire Rescue Unit


  • HP: Hydraulic Platform


  • KOMU: Knock Off Make Up


  • EPL: Extended Pump Ladder
  • P: Pump
  • PE: Pump Escape
  • PL: Pump Ladder
  • RP: Rescue Pump
  • RPL: Rescue Pump Ladder


  • TL: Turntable Ladder

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