Appendix:Greek determiners

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Determiners modify nouns, they have the properties of pronouns and adjectives.

Some: I have some. (pronoun) I have some apples. (adjective)
Some: I have this. (pronoun) I have this book. (adjective)



Number Singular Plural
Gender masc. fem. neut. masc. fem. neut.
Nominative αυτός αυτή αυτό αυτοί αυτές αυτά
Accusative αυτόν αυτήν αυτό αυτούς αυτές αυτά
Genitive αυτού αυτής αυτού αυτών αυτών αυτών
Vocative αυτέ αυτή αυτό αυτοί αυτές αυτά