Appendix:Lojban pronunciation

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IPA representation Allophone (If any) Latin alphabet
b b
ʃ (ʂ) c
d d
f (ɸ) f
ɡ g
ʒ (ʐ) j
k k
l[1] l
m[1] m
n[1] n
p p
r[1][2] r
s s
t t
v (β) v
x x
z z
h (θ) '
ʔ .
. ,
IPA representation Latin
a (ɑ) a
ɛ (e) e
i i
o (ɔ) o
u u
ə y


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Sonorants /m n l r/ may be syllabic.
  2. ^ There is no preferred sound for /r/; any rhotic sound is equally acceptable.