Appendix:Tagalog surnames of Kapampangan origin

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This appendix lists Tagalog surnames that derived from Kapampangan

Kapampangan surnames remain prevalent on the Kapampangan-speaking provinces, but also spread out into other provinces (including the Tagalog areas, especially Metro Manila, Bulacan and Nueva Ecija, and CALABARZON), and surnames such as Pangilinan, Cunanan, Macapagal, etc., easily indicate Kapampangan heritage.

Native surnames[edit]

Surnames associated with Kapampangan culture[edit]

These surnames, though foreign in origin, can be associated with the Kapampangan culture.

Filipino-Chinese surnames and surnames with -son/-zon and -co[edit]

Most surnames with the suffixes -son/-zon and -co are of Chinese origin, particularly by Hoklo people, and mostly originated in the Kapampangan areas, where many Chinese settled after many evacuated Manila during massacres of native Chinese there. Many Chinese also adopted surnames deriving from their family patriarch.

Though most of these kind of surnames started in Pampanga, they eventually spread out into other areas (even to Visayas, especially Cebu, and Mindanao)

Tagalog surnames in the Kapampangan area[edit]

Many native Tagalog surnames can be also found in the Kapampangan areas, especially around the borders of the Kapampangan (Pampanga and Tarlac) and Tagalog areas (Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Bataan, and Zambales). In turn, Kapampangan surnames are also found in Tagalog provinces, especially those surrounding the Kapampangan provinces and areas where many Kapampangans migrated to.

Surnames of foreign origin mostly associated with Tagalogs are also common.