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Currency Symbols

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This page lists the characters in the “Currency Symbols” block of the Unicode standard, version 14.0. This block covers code points from U+20A0 to U+20CF. All assigned characters in this block belong to the General Category Sc (Currency Symbol). and have the Script value Zyyy (Common).

Code point Image
Character Name
U+20A0 (8352) Euro-currency sign.svg EURO-CURRENCY SIGN
U+20A1 (8353) Costa Rican colon symbol.svg COLON SIGN
U+20A2 (8354) Cruzeiro sign.svg CRUZEIRO SIGN
U+20A3 (8355) French franc symbol.svg FRENCH FRANC SIGN
U+20A4 (8356) Lira sign.svg LIRA SIGN
U+20A5 (8357) Mill sign.svg MILL SIGN
U+20A6 (8358) Naira sign.svg NAIRA SIGN
U+20A7 (8359) Peseta symbol.svg PESETA SIGN
U+20A8 (8360) Pakistani Rupee Sign.svg RUPEE SIGN
U+20A9 (8361) Won sign.svg WON SIGN
U+20AA (8362) New sheqel sign.svg NEW SHEQEL SIGN
U+20AB (8363) Dong sign.svg DONG SIGN
U+20AC (8364) Euro sign.svg EURO SIGN
U+20AD (8365) Kip.svg KIP SIGN
U+20AE (8366) Tugrik.svg TUGRIK SIGN
U+20AF (8367) Drachma-Symbol.svg DRACHMA SIGN
U+20B0 (8368) Pfennig sign.svg GERMAN PENNY SIGN
U+20B1 (8369) PhilippinePeso.svg PESO SIGN
U+20B2 (8370) Guarani symbol.svg GUARANI SIGN
U+20B3 (8371) Austral.svg AUSTRAL SIGN
U+20B4 (8372) Hryvnia symbol.svg HRYVNIA SIGN
U+20B5 (8373) Cedi.svg CEDI SIGN
U+20B6 (8374) Livre tournois sign.svg LIVRE TOURNOIS SIGN
U+20B7 (8375) Spesmilo sign (bold italic).svg SPESMILO SIGN
U+20B8 (8376) Kazakhstani tenge symbol.svg TENGE SIGN
U+20B9 (8377) Indian Rupee symbol.svg INDIAN RUPEE SIGN
U+20BA (8378) Turkish lira symbol black.svg TURKISH LIRA SIGN
U+20BB (8379) Nordic mark sign.svg NORDIC MARK SIGN
U+20BC (8380) Azeri manat symbol.svg MANAT SIGN
U+20BD (8381) Ruble sign.svg RUBLE SIGN
U+20BE (8382) Sign of Georgian Lari.svg LARI SIGN
U+20BF (8383) BitcoinSign.svg BITCOIN SIGN
U+20C0 (8384) Som sign.svg SOM SIGN