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i'm high as fuck and this page still made me wince. jesus christ people this is not the quality expected from a wikiproject of this magnitude.

i posted "ramin" on the slang name list, im from australia

Seriously needs attention; there're sentences with missing punctuation/capitalization/grammar, and personal experiences shoved in corners.

1/8 can also be called a half-quarter

Cannabis Slang[edit]

I'm new at this, but you need to add "Dirt weed" to your list over potentcy list. Dirt weed describes a very low quality herb the tastes extremely bad.

I can't believe you haven't included 'Skin up' in your 'construction of a joint' slang...this is very common in Northern Ireland.

I also suggest adding killer herb, or "killa". That is very common in Texas, where I live.

australia bag sizes[edit]

this says that in australia weed is sold in only $20, $50 or rarely $30 bags, i dont know how it is in different areas but on the sunshine coast (where i live) most people sell in $10 bags or 'tenners' or $50 bags.